Tabriz is Iran’s second oldest city which has been dealing with rug-making for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. Such long existence, together with the exposure to high levels of world trade as well as being a hub of carpet export in Iran, has allowed the place to absorb almost all existing weaving influences from practically every oriental culture. This incredible diversity is clearly visible in the antique Persian rug before your eyes. Although its allover botanical pattern with meandering vines, flower heads, palmettes and medallions is not unusual for Persian craft, there are tiny variations in the finishing of the details that suggest Far Asian influences. The rich main field is enclosed within a series of equally ornamental borders kept in the spirit of the overall design, with further palmettes and flowering climbers. The color palette of this magnificent antique Tabriz rug relies on subtle pastel tones of azure, indigo, carmine, camel and beige, with stronger accents of slate gray in some of the border motifs. This antique Persian Tabriz carpet survived until present day without any signs of wear due to the meticulous hand-making of the finest wool in accordance with traditional techniques by a skilled artisan. If properly cared for, the rug will serve its owners for generations, bringing in the recherché charm and timeless elegance of genuine Persian artistry. 

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Antique Persian Tabriz Carpet
Item No. BB6482
Circa: 1930

Price: $ 18,000
Size: 7'2" × 10'3" (218 × 312 cm)
Color palette:
Antique Persian Tabriz Carpet BB6482