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Antique Persian Sultanabad Red and Blue Handwoven Wool Rug BB6389 6'5" × 9'7" $15,000

This exceptional carpet encompasses all the greatest features of oriental antique carpet craftsmanship. It was made in Sultanabad, now known as Arak, which was established in 1808 to become the major weaving center in Iran. Its remarkable quality and artistry is visible as first glance, even by an untrained eye of a layman.

The firm and soft pile was masterly hand-knotted of the first-rate wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques which allowed this antique wonder to survive until today in an excellent condition, without the slightest signs of blemish. However, this is not its only trait. Sultanabad creations share allover designs with other Persian rugs for sale but they use a more supple weave and therefore exhibit bolder, larger scale patterns. It is very well exposed in this pronounced composition; the motifs are packed quite densely yet all are clearly visible.

The main field is covered with minute floral and geometric motifs and evenly located larger oriental elements which may be a variation on Ejder – a dragon. This abundance is executed in deep navy blue, greenish, light grey and sandy shades on a profound garnet background. The borders, also extremely ornamental, are kept in navy blue and pale indigo hues. Such combination of red and blue is typical of genuine Persian rugs. This energetic, elegant and warm antique Sultanabad rug will become the focal point and the jewel of any interior, no matter if classic or modern.


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Price: $15,000

Item No.: BB6389 Circa: 1930 Size: 6'5" × 9'7" (195 × 292 cm)
Style: , Origin: Persia