Antique Persian Kirman Rug (size adjusted) BB6600

Antique Persian Kirman Rug (size adjusted) Description:

In the world of Oriental rugs, the ones created in Kirman (also known as Kerman) are celebrated as being among the finest, and looking at this antique Persian Kirman rug it is hard to wonder why, as very few things can match its sheer artistry and impeccable execution. The main field takes us straight to lush oriental gardens, worthy of a mighty Shah, where we are presented with ornamental vines and floral motifs, inscribed into stylized medallions or freely meandering on the vast field.

This graceful rug is enclosed within a series of equally compelling borders which complement the botanical abundance with further flowering climbers, palmettes and rosettes. The cherry on top is the sublime color palette, based on the combination of warm brown and camel with jewel-like tones of sapphire and light blue that will introduce a palatial atmosphere in any kind interior, from classic to modern.

The soft pile was thoroughly hand-knotted of the top-notch wool in accordance with centuries-old techniques using Senneh - the asymmetrical Persian knot - to achieve such intricacy of design and durability of the body. If properly maintained, the antique Persian antique rug will serve its proprietors for generations without any signs of blemish, just as it has until present day, bringing in the exotic charm and timeless elegance of the iconic Kirman craft.

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