Antique Persian Kirman Rug BB6479

Antique Persian Kirman Rug Description:

Blessed with an ample supply of very high quality local wool, known as Carmania wool, the craftsmen of Kerman, also known as Kirman, have been weaving their way to the top of the antique rug world through their artistry, wide range of designs, broad palette and expert color combinations.

This antique Persian carpet is a paragon of the venerable Kirman craft. Its magnificent and utterly tasteful main field bears an allover botanical design of meandering flowers and vines, referring to the classic oriental motif called the tree of life, indicating hope for eternal life.The field is enclosed within a series of opulent borders kept in the spirit of the main design with palmettes, medallions, paisley motifs and flowering climbers. The reference to life after death seems to be confirmed by the expertly matched color palette, basing on a profound tone of navy blue – the color alluding to the afterlife – with the pattern executed in a subtle shade of camel.

This antique Persian Kirman rug was able to survive until this day in perfect condition due to the fact it was impeccably hand-knotted of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques by a skilled artisan. If properly cared for, the carpet will serve its owners for generations, bringing in palatial elegance and timeless charm of Kirman craftsmanship.

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