Antique Persian Kirman BB6252

Antique Persian Kirman Description:

Antique Persian Kirman, Origin: Persia. Circa: 1920. Let us introduce an early 20th century antique Persian rug patterns named after Kirman, which is both a city and a province known for exquisite Persian carpet production. Both background field and borders of the antique rug are in the same shade of camel. The moderate color palette very well balances the complexity of this carpet's design.

Hanging garlands of flowers and leaves as a decorative motifs, outlined by black lines with branches in delicate navy blue or dark grey tones repeat and mirror all throughout the field in form resembling of "weeping willows". The unbelievable variety of stylized plants, flowers and palmettes are placed throughout the field and borders. Fine weave and high quality of velvety wool adds the final touch of elegance to this unique and good-looking kirman rug.

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