Antique Persian Kirman BB6369

Antique Persian Kirman Description:

There are very few antique oriental rugs for sale in the world that can match the splendor and quality of the Persians. This magnificent antique Persian rug was thoroughly hand-executed of the finest wool according to ancient weaving techniques in the renowned Kirman center. This fact in itself constitutes its quality and longevity which have lasted since the beginning of the 20th century and will surely please the eyes and hands of the generations yet to come.

Each and every inch of the meticulous design required an extremely high knot density and long months on the looms to be completed in such nuance and accuracy. The allover floral pattern meanders on the soft and luminous pile, intertwined with several octagonal medallions. In terms of the color palette the kirman rug is absolutely outstanding, exhibiting deep navy blue background with lighter blue and beige motifs. The whole composition is truly royal-like and absolutely no one will come past such excellence indifferently. It is not only a mere utilitarian object - it is a work of fine art which will never go out of fashion.

A specialist rug dealer in oriental and western rugs and carpets, Doris Leslie Blau’s impressive collection of antique rugs include rare Turkish, Persian and Indian masterpieces, many of which date back to the Medieval Age.

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