Antique Persian Kirman Rug BB6485

Antique Persian Kirman Rug Description:

Since the 17th century, Kerman, also known as Kirman, has been one of the major and most renowned Persian antique carpet production centers, praised for exceptional artistry of designs and incredible quality, partly granted by the special kind of wool from the region, known as Carmania wool. This magnificent and densely decorated antique Persian Kerman rug is a paragon of the incredible Kerman craftsmanship. Its main field is kept in the spirit of the most sublime Kirman creations and consists of an allover pattern of smoothly meandering stylized flowers, foliage, vines and oversized palmettes.

The main design in enclosed within a series of equally compelling and rich borders, bearing further botanical motifs and flowering climbers. The color palette includes a sophisticated ivory beige in the background, complemented by soft camel, light brown , slate and indigo shades present in the pattern, all forming a luxurious and timeless composition. This antique persian rug was hand-made with upmost care and precision in accordance with centuries-old weaving techniques by a skilled artisan which allowed it to survive until this day without a sign of wear. If properly cared for, this antique carpet will serve its owners for generations, bringing in the glory and recherché charm of Persian weaving.

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