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Antique Persian Afshar Rug
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Antique Persian Afshar Rug BB7153 5'3" × 9'10" $12,000

This Afshar rug was made circa 1920. Its main field is occupied by an allover pattern of kilim motifs, embraced by a series of borders with further tribal designs, including Su Yolu (running water) or Akrep (scorpion). The color palette features blue, brown green, red and white.

The rug was carefully hand-knotted of high-quality wool in accordance with traditional techniques by a skilled artisan. Under the condition of proper maintenance, the rug will serve its owners for generations without any signs of wear.

Afshar is a hand-woven rug style produced by the Turkic Afshar tribe, a semi-nomadic group principally located in the mountainous areas surrounding the modern region of Iranian Azerbaijan. An additional population of Afshar tribes-people is located in the Kuchan area in Razavi Khorasan Province of Iran and city of Kerman. Carpets in the Afshar style are known for their stylized floral geometric designs, tribal artistry, and a characteristic palette of rust and blue color tones.


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Item No.: BB7153 Circa: 1920 Size: 5'3" × 9'10" (160 × 299 cm)
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