Antique Indian Rug

Antique Indian Rug BB6463

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When it comes to dreamy botanical patterns, reflecting lush oriental gardens and their teeming fauna, there are no rugs like Indian antique rugs. This magnificent Indian carpet takes us straight to a fabulous boscage, probably a one belonging to a mighty Maharaja, full of wilds beasts, birds of paradise and awe-inspiring greenery. The main field of the antique rug consists of a central decorative medallion surrounded by millefleur, branchy trees, Asiatic lions, leopards and various paradise birds. The six pairs of cypresses are depicted as a variation of the tree of life motif, that represents everlasting life.

In the Orient, the cypress is used in rituals with the dead yet symbolizes the eternal life that comes after death. The series of equally compelling borders with further botanical and animal motifs encloses the opulent composition. The design is complete thanks to a tastefully composed color palette, basing on soft tones of light gray, caramel, beige, ivory and brown, which balances the abundance of motifs. Next to its irresistible beauty, the antique Indian rugs is distinguished by exceptional quality provided by thorough hand-knotting of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined techniques by a skilled artisan. We also offer a large brown area rugs.

The fact that the piece survived until this day in perfect condition with soft and luminous pile is the best confirmation of its durability. If properly maintained, the rug will serve its owners for generations, bringing in palatial chic and recherché vibe of Indian rug craftsmanship.

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Item No.: BB6463 Circa: 1920 Size: 9'0" × 11'7" (274 × 353 cm)
Style: Abstract, Animal, Botanic Origin: Indian Rugs