This circa-1880 antique Indian Agra rug features a densely patterned, rich all-over design of arabesques and floral and geometric abstractions in soft gray and accented with inky blue and green against a field of brown. Agra rugs are the most highly sought after of the 19th century antique Indian rugs today. These antique carpets were extremely well-made, heavy and durable, which can be attributed to the longer pile used in their weaving. Indian Agra rugs are often considered the best of Indian rugs in the post-Mughal period and are highly collectible. Prisoners in the country's jails - including those of Lahore, Yeraoda and Montgomery, as well as Agra - wove some of the most extraordinary carpets. Designs for these antique Agra rugs were often based upon classical Persian pieces from the sixteenth and seventeenth century.
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Oversized Antique Indian Agra Rug
Item No. BB5441
Circa: 1880

Price: $ 250,000
Size: 14'9" × 23'7" (450 × 719 cm)
Color palette:
Oversized Antique Indian Agra Rug BB5441