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Antique European Fragment Rug
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Antique European Fragment Rug BB5495 2'4" × 5'2" $2,500

This circa-1900 antique European fragment rug features an ornate gilded abstraction surrounding a deep purple and green floral design and framed on both sides with stylized leaves in varying shades of green, against a sky blue background. The subtle dark outline and general attention to detail in the turn of the century antique carpet fragment is suggestive of a renowned tradition. Rug production was introduced to Europe by the Moors of Spain between the eighth and thirteenth centuries. While antique oriental rugs initially had a significant influence on European rug designs, various regions came to develop their own unique styles and techniques over time. The ornate style of this particular fragment evokes French Savonnerie and Aubusson factories, which, starting in the 17th century, began producing some of the most exceptional classical European carpets of the last few hundred years.


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Price: $2,500

Item No.: BB5495 Circa: 1900 Size: 2'4" × 5'2" (71 × 157 cm)
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