Antique Chinese Carpet BB5513

Antique Chinese Carpet Description:

An early 20th century Chinese area rug, the faded golden yellow field with vinery around enlarged medallions containing floral vinery and geometric motifs within a dark blue angular palmette vinery border.

Carpet production in China during the first half of the 20th century was gravely influenced by the fine Art Deco vintage rugs originating from France. This was due to the purely economic approach of the Chinese who, seeing the huge market demand, wanted to sell their carpets to Western consumers. Among the two largest exporters of vintage rugs for sale in China were the America’s expatriates – Helen Fette and Walter Nichols. Although competitors, both manufacturers produced handmade wool pile antique rugs that adapted Chinese designs to western tastes. Some of the rugs from the factories are even so similar that the manufacturer can only be determined by labels or stenciling. Sadly, Nichols’ original vintage carpets in New York are often unidentifiable now due to the fact that his records were almost all destroyed during the Japanese occupation, and also because their white cotton fringe has worn away where he had stenciled.

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