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Vintage Chinese Deco Rug BB6099 8'0" × 10'0"

This vintage rug is an exquisite example of Chinese Deco. Although its overall look is very minimalistic and adjusted to cater for the Western tastes, it has a certain Asian feel to it. The plain, beige field bears nothing but three medallions composed of a carmine rim and ivory oriental motifs which are barely visible against the neutral setting. The roundels seem to be nonchalantly located on the field, but in fact the design is planned and well thought-out. This intriguing composition is enclosed within multiple borders made up of simple stripes of carmine, black, ivory and beige, which enclose and complete the weaver’s vision. The luminous pile of this vintage Chinese Deco beauty was masterfully hand-crafted of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques by a skilled artisan. Due to such making, the rug is not only unique but also durable – it has lasted unblemished until this day and will surely serve its owners for many years to come. This vintage carpet perfectly matches present day aesthetic standards, as minimalism never goes out of fashion. It will fit into both classic and contemporary abodes, imbuing them with sophistication and charm.

Item No.: BB6099 Circa: 1940 Size: 8'0" × 10'0" (243 × 304 cm)
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Vintage Chinese Deco Rug BB6099

Vintage Chinese Deco Rug BB6099