Turkish Antique Rug BB6166

Turkish Antique Rug Description:

Tulu rug is hand knotted in wool and is a strikingly minimalist presentation of seemingly monochromatic light beige that is, on closer examination, accented by small tinges of dark brown. Modern and simple, the contemporary carpet has a bright, open feel that is reminiscent of many Art Deco textiles of the past century. Tulu means "long haired" in Turkish, with this style of rug originally created for warmth and comfort during sleep. Predictably, antique rugs are soft and renowned for their texture. Woven in the city of Karapinar, the Turkish rugs have a rich history, with the recent commercial weaving of contemporary beautiful rugs being established to help artisans support themselves and their city. The fact that the rugs are woven by hand adds a uniqueness in quality and longevity that makes them stand out from mass-produced textiles.

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