Antique Silk Hereke Rug BB6455

Antique Silk Hereke Rug Description:

There are not many words to express the ethereal beauty and invaluable historical legacy of antique rugs, especially when they come from such a renowned weaving center as Hereke. The magnificent Hereke rug before your eyes is a true gem of Hereke craftsmanship and a genuine work of art whose value will most definitely be growing over time. Rugs soft and luminous pile, masterfully hand-knotted of the finest silk in accordance with centuries-old weaving techniques by a skilled artisan, is a sheer pleasure to hands and feet. Although the field is visibly abrashed, it is a marker of quality guaranteeing that the threads used in the production process were dyed with natural tints only.

The intricate and advanced design representing figurative motifs, pictorial scenes and tranquil landscapes in the main field and the borders is a real treat to all turkish kilim connoisseurs seeking something much more profound than a simple pattern. It is a unique record of our ancestors’ life woven into the sophisticated silk fabric in order to be passed on to future generations. The color palette enchants with subtle tones of dusty pink, ivory, rust and baby blue which give the composition an idyllic character. This delicate and, at the same time, powerful design will be a perfect match to classic or minimalistic interior arrangements, bringing in palatial elegance and a breath of history.

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