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Persian Tabriz Antique Carpet

Persian Tabriz Antique Carpet BB5961


Antique Persian Garden Tabriz, Circa 1890 — View an amazing Persian Tabriz garden designed. It features a very ornate background. The rusty-reds,black and blues that are woven into the luxurious rug are actually neutral and would blend seamlessly with just about any type of home decor. Those that are searching for a taste of oriental elegance will find this carpet a very wise choice and wonderful addition to their home. Visually stunning tiles compose the interior of the carpet, which are filled with traditional Persian botanical elements that capture the imagination. An elegant pattern surrounds the carpet. This is indeed a very traditional, sophisticated Antique Persian carpet.

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Item No.: BB5961 Circa: 1890 Size: 12'9" × 19'2" (388 × 584 cm)