In the world of antique carpets, Kirman (or Kerman) rugs are celebrated as the finest. No two rugs of this kind are precisely alike, but the one before your eyes is distinguished by incredible uniqueness. This unquestionable wonder of Persian weaving art is absolutely crème de la crème both in terms of execution and design which is visible at first glance, even by a layman. Its luminous, soft and firm pile was thoroughly hand-knotted of the first-rate, glossy wool in old and refined weaving techniques. Such masterful making is a guarantee that the rug will serve its lucky owners for many generations, just as it already has for almost a hundred years, without slightest signs of blemish. The meticulous, overall pattern covers the main field and the multiple borders in equal measure yet is varies in terms of symbolism and motifs. The main field encompasses multiple cypress trees - they are a variation on a legendary tree of life motif which represents everlasting life. The borders comprise numerous blossoms - the omens of youth, spring and new beginnings. This lively, energetic message is enclosed within a tasteful, sublime color palette composed of light and dark browns, sandy beige and pastel blue. A slight Abrash effect, visible in some areas of the field, tells us that the threads used for the creation of this Tabriz masterpiece were colored with natural dyes. It is a factor widely sough-after by the rug connoisseurs who realize that Abrash is a marker of genuineness. This antique Kerman rug will not only be a spicy oriental condiment but also a classy and timeless accent to your contemporary interior.

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