Oversized Antique Persian Kirman Carpet

Oversized Antique Persian Kirman Carpet Description:

Sumptuous, elegant and qualitative, this oversized antique Persian rug is the embodiment of the supreme Kirman craftsmanship. Its lavish design mesmerizes with skillfully executed botanical motifs that create a dreamy fantasy garden both in the main field and the series of consecutive borders. Millefleur, stylized foliage, vines and flowering climbers meander through every inch of the soft and luminous pile, constrained and organized only thanks to numerous graceful medallions. This lush thicket is complemented and balanced through the sublime color palette, including delicate tones of ivory, beige, light brown and camel accompanied by light and navy blue. Next to palatial design, the antique Persian Kirman rug is also distinguished by impeccable execution. Aptly hand-knotted of the finest wool in accordance with the centuries-old techniques, the carpet survived until this day in perfect condition and, if properly maintained, it will surely serve its owners for generations. Rugs from Kirman are blessed with the supply of the special kind of wool from the region, known as Carmania wool, which helps them acquire unique luster and durability. Although sizable, this piece of weaving art appears light and almost ethereal. It will beautifully complement ample spaces or constitute a part of a wall-to-wall arrangement. 

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