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Authentic 18th Century Verdure Tapestry “Fragment” Rug BB6642 7'6" × 11'10" $25,000


Although European rugs are in general younger and less diverse than oriental ones, the tapestry making can justly be considered a European specialty. Tracing its origin back to the 18th-century Flanders, this antique Verdure tapestry is a true treasure of the Old Continent’s weaving art, permeated with history and beauty. This exceptionally well-preserved fragment exhibits a coherent composition featuring a picturesque landscape of the city suburbs with two herons and a bird of paradise among lush greenery.

The figurative design of this antique rug is refined in the smallest details thanks to which it resembles a paining rather than a textile. The application of colors and the shading is also top-notch, giving the impression of three-dimensionality. It most definitely has the potential to become the focal art piece in the interior, either creating an interesting contrast in a modern décor or constituting a consistent part of the classical one.

Meticulously made by hand of top-notch naturally dyed woolen threads, this antique tapestry reflects the greatness of traditional craft, focused on artistry and quality rather than quantity and instant availability. Therefore, next to its aesthetic and practical values, it teaches us, just like antique rugs, that the most exquisite things come to those who are willing to wait.

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Price: $25,000

Item No.: BB6642 Circa: 1750 Size: 7'6" × 11'10" (228 × 360 cm)
Origin: Style: Material:
Location: NB

This is Authentic 18th Century Verdure Tapestry "Fragment" Rug number BB6642 in our internal collections. This rug was manufactured around 1750 in France, which means it is already 274 years old.

The dimensions of this rug are: 7'6" × 11'10" width × length, which corresponds to 228 × 360 cm in the metric system.

The rug was qualified by our experts as a Botanic style in our wide offer of rugs. If you are interested in this unique work of art, please contact us with the number BB6642 for further information.

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Authentic 18th Century Verdure Tapestry “Fragment” Rug BB6642

Authentic 18th Century Verdure Tapestry "Fragment" Rug BB6642


In stock