Vintage Spanish Runner Fragment

Vintage Spanish Runner Fragment Description:

This circa-1940 vintage Spanish runner fragment features elaborate curlicues and various abstractions in shades of beige, rust and dark blue. Curvilinear motifs in the end borders pull together the unique look of the vintage rug. In the 12th century, Spain was a major rug production area. Spanish cut-pile rugs from the 15th - 17th centuries were woven with knots tied to single warps. In the 18th and 19th centuries, rugs, woven with the Turkish knot, were produced with designs based on those from the Savonnerie and Aubusson factories in France. A runner carpet, this piece is part of traditional weaving of rugs specifically for narrow spaces, with weaving centers adapting their age old designs to suit this specific format. Carpet runners are often used as a complement or a contrast to adjacent rugs, or as the transition linking two separate rooms.
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