Caucasian Shirvan Antique Rug BB5904

Caucasian Shirvan Antique Rug Description:

This turn of the century antique Caucasian Shirvan rug features bold central diamond designs and geometric abstractions in primary color shades of blue, red and yellow against a field of green. The linearity of the antique rug is intriguing and traditional. Located to the south of the Caucasus mountain range, the Shirvan district had a local weaving tradition that focused on exploring numerous color variations using a limited palette to maximal effect. The area Rugs on Sale and a limited supply of antique runners woven in the Shirvan district are considered to be some of the most finely-knotted and sophisticated antique Caucasian carpets. As a result of European demand, Shirvan rug design in the late 19th century initially became more intricate, with increasingly fine weaves and knots. The establishment of weaving workshops led to a simplification of design and more focus on the symmetrical.

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Item No. BB5904
Circa: 1900
Price: $ 6,000
Size: 3'5" × 4'9" (104 × 145 cm)
Color palette:
Caucasian Shirvan Antique Rug BB5904