Antique Caucasian Shirvan Rug BB5974

Antique Caucasian Shirvan Rug Description:

Out of all carpets from Caucasus, Shirvan ones are distinguished by a remarkable depth of colors, a complexity of composition and phenomenal patterns. Looking at this antique Shirvan wonder it is hard to disagree as it is full of beauty and symbolism. The main field is adorned with irregular diamond shapes forming a color-blocked half-drop grid pattern, whereas the main border bears delicate cross motifs, and the inner one is embellished with a zigzag. All the symbols derive from the ancient kilim art and are common to almost all rug-weaving tribes inhabiting vast areas of Near, Middle and Far East. In the old and refined language of carpets, diamonds and crosses are supposed to provide protection against the Evil Eye while a zigzag stands for running water – an extremely scarce resource on a desert and in arid steppes.

This deep message is executed in a typical Caucasian color palette of indigo, brick red, sunflower yellow, sea green and dusty beige on a chestnut brown background. The rug’s firm was masterly hand-crafted of the finest wool in accordance with centuries-long weaving techniques by a skilled artisan. Due to such thorough making, this antique rug has survived from the 19th till the 21th century without any sings of blemish in its color or structure and will surely serve its lucky owners for generations. This composition is very reminiscent of Caucasian rugs which are one of the most sought-after decoration items nowadays. That makes it perfect for Scandinavian-inspired interiors, but the rug will easily fit into any kind of classy abodes.

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