If we would call Persian rugs the greatest constellation in the so-called 'Rug Belt', stretching from Morocco across North Africa, the Middle East, and into Central Asia and northern India, then Tabriz rugs definitely deserve to be hailed as its brightest star. They are distinguished by superb quality as well as astounding variety of motifs, patterns and weaves. The one before your eyes is an excellent example of this ancient, refined craftsmanship. Its design is dense and lush but properly balanced and absolutely harmonious with the toned, elegant color palette of light beige, sandy, taupe, grey, maroon and rosewood shades. Both the main field and the multiple borders are highly ornamental, adorned with intertwining floral motifs including the classics of Oriental design such as Shah Abbas, Persian roses or Irises. The whole composition makes a stunning impression, alluring with palatial elegance and high-quality texture. Although created in the first half of the past century, the rug shows no signs of wear or damage because it was thoroughly hand-knotted of the finest, glossy wool according to traditional weaving techniques. Its luminous pile and the outstanding appearance guarantee that the rug will be the gem of every interior. 

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