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Antique Persian Tabriz
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Antique Persian Tabriz BB7200 10'10" × 13'7" $55,000

Tabriz is thought to be the first-rate weaving center. Considering it is located on the territory of the former Persia, the cradle of the world carpet weaving, it is an incredible distinction. The antique rug before your eyes fully shows the excellence of Tabriz wonders as it is exemplary both in terms of design and execution. Although highly ornamental and equipped in multiple borders, the antique Persian rug is perfectly balanced and tasteful. The allover floral pattern kept in delicate beige and sandy shades is beautifully exposed on pale, delicate indigo background.

Dense and lush motifs intertwine harmoniously, giving the impression of palatial elegance. Only some elements, including Shah Abbas and carnations, are outlined with a deeper maroon hue. Such intricate design required an extremely high knot density, typical of Tabriz school. This one was masterly hand-made of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques which ensured its durability and uniqueness. Just as it has survived unblemished until today, the antique Tabriz rug is ready to serve its lucky owners for generations. It has a potential to imbue any classy interior with the warm, oriental and recherché vibe. and nbsp;



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Price: $55,000

Item No.: BB7200 Circa: 1920 Size: 10'10" × 13'7" (330 × 414 cm)
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