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Vintage Persian Sultanabad Rug

Vintage Persian Sultanabad Rug BB6029

Price: $15,000

Marvelous antique rugs of Sultanabad continue to inspire tastemakers and designers around the world. These wonders of the orient were made by incredibly skilled craftsmen of deep artistic sensibility and dexterous hand who gave them their remarkable quality, alluring designs and touching appeal.

The antique Persian rug before your eyes embodies all merits of Sultanabad creations. Its crimson field is embellished with an allover stylized flower-head and leafy vine trellis within a bold ivory rosette. Such pattern, where a stylized rosette is placed in a diamond with a serrated “acanthus leaf” along each of four sides is known as Herati. This classic, long-established pattern is enclosed within a series of equally compelling borders adorned with an angular flowering climber motif. The masterful selection of shades and proper toning allow this Sultanabad rug to bear contrasting hues such as red, indigo and ivory – the three most iconic Persian rugs colors – with perfect grace and harmony.

This mesmerizing, intricate design required high knot density and thorough hand-making of the finest wool in accordance with traditional weaving techniques to be executed in such minute detail and to such an effect. As befits a genuine Persian carpet, this one will surely serve its future owners for generations without any signs of wear. Its recherché charm and rich appearance will without a doubt contribute to any contemporary interior arrangement. After all, the beauty of original weaving pieces never fades.

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Item No.: BB6029 Circa: 1920 Size: 10'3" × 13'7" (312 × 414 cm)
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