Out of all carpets in the world, Malayer ones are absolutely the finest. They are distinguished by the unmatched quality which is reflected in both execution and design. This antique Persian rug is an excellent example of this sublime weaving school. Its firm, soft pile is masterly hand-knotted of the first-rate wool in accordance with traditional weaving techniques. Such thorough making has ensured the rug's durability and has enabled it to survive until today without the slightest signs of blemish. The overall, intricate design encompasses typical Persian floral rug motifs along with subtle tribal references, including cross, a symbol of faith or fetter, a metaphor for union and marriage. This marital symbolism goes hand in hand with the color palette which mostly comprises of various brown shades signifying fertility. A delicate Abrash effect, visible in some areas of the field, tells us that the threads used for the creation of this Malayer masterpiece were colored with natural dyes. It is a factor widely sough-after by the rug connoisseurs who realize that Abrash is a marker of genuineness. If you are seeking a truly exceptional and balanced oriental rug for your interior, you may rest reassured that this tasteful antique composition will meet and exceed your expectations. 

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