This tasteful and exotic rug is a genuine piece of the remarkable Indian weaving craft. It is, nonetheless, a quite unusual and unique specimen as its design is nothing like this of traditional abundant and highly decorative antique carpets. Moreover, it is not made of wool. The power of this Indian beauty lies in minimalism, both in terms of pattern and coloration. Instead of glossy wool, this flat weave was thoroughly rendered in the finest cotton but the old and refined techniques of rug making remained unchanged. Due to this masterful execution, the almost hundred-year-old rug has survived in great condition until today and is still ready to serve its lucky owners for generations. The off-white background of the field and borders proudly bears the delicate, openwork geometric design colored in the most precious Indian dye - indigo. The rug, although moderate in a nearly Scandinavian way, is reminiscent of faraway lands and recherché adventures. It makes the most of the potential of ethnic and tribal design. Perfect for classic and contemporary decors alike, this antique Indian cotton flat weave will bring the warmth of the orient straight into your home. 

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Antique Indian Cotton Flat weave Carpet
Item No. BB6386
Circa: 1920

Price: $ 30,000
Size: 8'4" × 13'8" (254 × 417 cm)
Color palette:
Antique Indian Cotton Flat weave  Carpet BB6386