Antique Indian Rug

Antique Indian Rug Description:

This circa-1880 antique Indian Khorassan rug features traditional floral designs in predominating gold colors against a backdrop of dark blue. The carpet comes from the Khorassan region of Iran, its name meaning "rising sun." With an abundant supply of soft wool, high quality craftsmen, a mix of larger city-based workshops, looms in smaller villages and access to the Silk Road, Khorassan has a far-reaching reputation as a source of the largest and most varied assortment of unique Persian carpets and rugs. Whatever the design or color, antique Khorassan rugs and carpets maintain a high standard of drawing and weaving technique; these rugs and carpets are made with a soft wool woven into thin, tight piles - making them durable despite their soft lustrous wool. Indian styles, as seen in this antique North Indian-style carpet, are also prevalent in Khorassan weaving.
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