Oversized Antique Indian Rug

Price: $200,000

This Indian rug has a chroma scheme visual saturation of earthen gold. The open field design of the tapestry features a staggered array of arabesque and millefleur shapes and designs. The field is visually embellished with interlacing curvilinear shapes, regal plant emblems and leaf and plant designs. The leaf and plant shapes are colored azure, blue and earth-brown. There is a very thin blue colored guard border that is overlain with brown leaf illustrations. The beige and gold color frame of the main border features abundant, abstract plant designs and patterns. The outer framing border is golden brown hued and display more leaf themed patterns.

The production of antique north indian rugs and antique carpets in any quantity dates back to the Mughal period of the late 1520’s. Beginning with the conquest of Northern India by Babur, weaving workshops developed around the imperial cities of Agra, Fathpur and Lahore. Akbar the Great (1556-1605) and his successors sponsored and encouraged the weaving of splendid Indian versions of classic Persian floral, garden and hunting large area rugs for living room and carpets in NYC.

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Item No.: BB5160 Circa: 1920 Size: 15'10" × 32'4" (482 × 985 cm)
Style: Botanic, Formal Origin: India