Antique Indian Amritsar Rug BB5191

Antique Indian Amritsar Rug Description:

This late 19th Century Indian Amritsar rug features a rectangular field of leaf and floral designs along with curlicue abrtractions in purple outline against an oatmeal-beige background. The guard border consists of repeating diamond shapes, also in purple, and a main border with a repeating pattern of floral geometric designs in colors of muted purple and darker beige. Small, simple light purple flower shapes can be seen framing the main border.

The entire carpet is a presentation of subtle colors and intricate bold patterns; the design is a juxtaposition of shapes that mimic natural imagery with a structured, geometric repetition. Amritsar rugs for sale  and antique carpets are produced in the northwest of India, near the Kashmir region. The weavers of Amritsar developed a distinctive style of indian rug making around the early nineteenth century, taking their direction from the sensibilities of the West.

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