This antique Arts and Crafts rug is a fascinating study in minimalism. The carpet consists of a clean field of light beige, with corner brackets outlined in dark beige or brown and featuring within them stylized floral and leaf designs; rosebuds appear in white, leaves in darker beige. The main border is a simple rectangular perimeter in a brown color complementing the color scheme of the all-over design. The stark simplicity of the rug is emblematic of early 20th century minimalism; while the empty field suggests expanse and lightness, the corner bracket designs are a practical and reductionist take on nature. The Arts and Crafts movement in England was initiated by William Morris during the 1870s, rapidly spreading across Europe and North America and shaping the creative life of Great Britain. The distinctive style of antique Arts and Crafts carpets is characterized by serpentine curvilinear and naturalistic floral patterns in a rich, dense palette.
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