Abstract Rugs

1C Custom Tibetan RugWe would like to present to you an exceptional collection of abstract rugs by Doris Leslie Blau. These unique items, coming from various parts of the world, designed by gifted artists and executed with mastery and care by the best workshops, enchant with magical illusions, rich colors and their bold forms. These fabrics seize the viewers' hearts with the whole variety of artistic phenomenons. Trust us... You’ll love them. Abstraction is one of the most revolutionary trends in art, which started irreversible changes in the 20th century audience's approach and general understanding of art. From that moment, art stopped extracting its inspiration solely from nature, and started to deal with issues of pure form. The basic assumption of abstract arts was that the image should affect the viewer with the force of color, powerful contrast, unexpected juxtaposition of forms and extraction of feelings by playing with dynamism and harmony of the composition. After a hundred years of unprecedented development of this direction there is a huge amount of art variations. There are artists and the audience adoring uncommon artifacts, but there are also places where the word "abstraction" is associated only with incomprehensible and therefore not acceptable art. However, abstract art can teach you that the form itself - the interplay of colors, shapes and lines - can delight. ‘Abstract’ denotes something detached or overall. In art, it is the opposite of the creations of nature. The work of abstract art does not conceal anything besides the personality and feelings of the artist. With the precious help of carpets from our distinctive collection, you can manifest your aesthetic taste and chose from the variety of truly tasty additions for adepts of the interior design.

An Exceptional Collection of Abstract Rugs for Sale

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