Antique Turkish Rug

Antique Turkish Rug BB5262

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This antique circa-1880 Turkish rug is a series of rectangular shapes over a faded light brown field. Floral designs and arabesques decorate the main border and can be seen throughout the field as well. The soft, muted patina of the carpet contributes to its intriguing look. Originating in the traditions of largely nomadic Turkic peoples, the antique turkish rugs, like the Persian carpet, developed a more sophisticated urban aspect during the medieval Seljuk period, produced in large workshops for commissions by the court and for export. The many styles of design reached maturity during the early Ottoman Empire, and most modern production, especially for export, looks back to the styles of that period. Turkish and Oushak rugs and carpets are made in a wide range of distinct styles originating from various regions in Anatolia.

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Item No.: BB5262 Circa: 1880 Size: 6'4" × 9'8" (193 × 294 cm)
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