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Antique Turkish Rug

Antique Turkish Rug BB5437

Price: $18,000

Oushak rugs belong to the gentry of antique Turkish rugs due to the their diligent workmanship and beautiful compositions showing the whole spectrum of traditional oriental patterns. Within its knots, the antique Turkish rug before you hides a powerful message expressed through classic tribal motifs.

The main field of the antique rug carries four medallions that are a variation on ‘Pitrak’, a burdock plant symbol, that is supposed to protect against the Evil Eye. The scattered ‘Göz’, eye motifs, as well as the pattern of ‘Çengel’- hooks running on the main border- serve the exact same function. The composition is complemented by four secondary borders, two of which carry further hooks, and the remaining two add a feminine touch thanks to gentle flowers. Everything is rendered in an exceptionally rich and vibrant color palette of brick red, sandy beige, lilac, aquamarine and light brown.

In addition to warm and recherché appearance, this Oushak rug can boast of impeccable execution. It was carefully hand-knotted of wool which contributed to its durability and firm structure. Such making allowed the carpet to survive until this day in perfect condition. If properly maintained, the piece will have a chance to serve its owners for generations without any signs of wear, bringing in its auspicious message and a breath of the Orient.

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Item No.: BB5437 Circa: 1820 Size: 8'4" × 10'8" (254 × 325 cm)Categories: ,