Vintage Swedish Rug

Price: $10,000

Scandinavian design is world famous for its practicality, simplicity and beauty and vintage rugs from the north embody these qualities in full. The one before your eyes is an ideal example of how elegance can be combined with a folkloristic note.

The main field of the vintage Swedish rug is free of pattern, the entire edge of the design lies in the decorative border.  The thick stripe divided into sections with geometric motifs inspired by nature encloses the empty field, creating a composition both timeless and whimsical, ready to adorn a wide array of interior décors. The color palette of extinguished greens with beige and touches of gold is soothing and tranquil – it will beautifully complement any space and remind about the wonders of wild nature.

As befits a Scandinavian rug, this one was masterfully executed. Carefully hand-woven of the finest wool in accordance with traditional techniques, the vintage Swedish rug looks as if it just came out from the hands of the weaver. Provided minimum amount of care, the flat-weave will serve its owners many years without any signs of wear.

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Item No.: BB5339 Circa: 1940 Size: 6'7" × 8'7" (200 × 261 cm)