Vintage Swedish Rug BB5100

Vintage Swedish Rug Description:

A Mid 20th Century Swedish shag rug. A colorblocked linear design creating an aysemetrical pattern that has art deco influences. Puprple, Blue, Green and Yellow.

Swedish Flat Weave vintage area rug by Irma Kronlund The traditional Scandinavian antique carpet is the rya, made from hand-knotted wool. Dating from the fifteenth century, the first antique ryas were coarse, long-piled heavy coverlets used by fishermen instead of furs. By the eighteenth century ryas rug for sale were generally part of a woman's trousseau and proudly displayed as important status symbols within the home. By the nineteenth century, Swedish ryas were usurped by the arrival of quilted coverlets from continental Europe and from then on were woven as purely ornamental elements.

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