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Vintage Swedish Rug by Judith Johansson

Vintage Swedish Rug by Judith Johansson BB5099

Price: $25,000

While Judith Johansson was born in a small rural village in southern Sweden, her unique designs and beautiful Swedish rugs earned her global fame. Johansson was a highly prolific weaver. Her massive collection of flat-weave rugs from the late 1940’s through the mid-1960’s contains numerous original vintage Swedish rugs, sought after by art collectors and carpet aficionados alike. While Johansson looked for inspiration in her beloved Swedish countryside, many of her designs are in fact geometric rugs of extraordinary beauty. Johansson’s design process included watercolor sketches, which were later converted into patterns of her vintage Swedish rugs. Original watercolors are still preserved in her workshop are but a small proof of just how creative and ingenious weave Johansson was.

Beauty of this Swedish vintage rug lies not only in its design, but also in love that Johansson put into it. Hand woven with great care in the mid 20th century, circa 1960, the rug features a very original design and even more unusual color palette. Geometric composition bears some similarity to traditional Swedish motifs, but the way Johansson simplified them is very modern. Minimalism meets tradition, however deep shades of red and orange give this vintage rug almost a fiery aura, which contrasts with coldness of Swedish countryside.

Size of this vintage rug, 6’6″ × 8’8″ (198 × 264 cm), makes it a great addition to any type of interior. Natural warmth of the color palette will certainly make even the most unwelcoming rooms look nice and homely.

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Item No.: BB5099 Circa: 1960 Size: 6'6" × 8'8" (198 × 264 cm)Categories: ,