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Vintage Swedish Rug by Kertin Butler

Vintage Swedish Rug by Kertin Butler BB5097

Price: $18,000

While every vintage Swedish rug is special in its own way, only few weavers have a style that is as easily recognizable like Kerstin Buttler. In her youth Butler studied first at the Friends of Handicraft School and then at the premier Swedish design school in Stockholm known as Konstfack, not unlike many other talented Swedish rug weavers. Her devotion to local traditions and unique sense of style resulted in a series of vintage rugs of extraordinary beauty and style, which could only be created by a true genius of weaving. Doris Leslie Blau Gallery is proud to present one of Butler’s unique pieces, one that could be called the crown jewel of her beautiful collection.

This vintage rug  was hand woven in the mid 20th century, circa 1966. The amount of details visible on the first glance show just how much work Butler put into this particular piece. The pattern depicts a series of geometrical figures similar to Christmas lights running vertically through the rug’s central field. Straight lines connecting them give this composition a sense of order and help to balance out the sharpness of the edges. Accompanying color palette is surprisingly vivacious. Beautiful pinks, blues and greens mix together freely, just like ornaments on a Christmas tree.

The size of this vintage Swedish rug,  6’7″ × 10’6″ (201 × 320 cm), makes it a great addition to any type of interior, from dining room to bedroom. Playfulness of the pattern mixed with colorful palette certainly draw the eye!


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Item No.: BB5097 Circa: 1966 Size: 6'7" × 10'6" (200 × 320 cm)Categories: ,