Vintage Swedish Rug by Ingegerd Silow
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Vintage Swedish Rug by Ingegerd Silow BB4987


There is no other type of vintage carpets like Swedish rugs. Everything about them, from designs to materials used for weaving, was deeply influenced by local traditions and helped to preserve them from being forgotten.  The history of Swedish carpets is full of extraordinary individuals, who managed to revolutionize not only local, but also global craft with their original ideas and fresh approach to the subject. Ingegerd Silow was one of such people. Born and raised in Stockholm, Silow immediately proved her huge potential upon entering college and later on while working with one of the most famous designers and artists of Europe and – ultimately – the world. Vintage Swedish rugs designed by her are sought after by both art collectors and prestigious galleries.

Hand woven by Ingegerd Silow herself, this vintage Swedish rug is a dream come true of any art lover. While it was made in the mid 20th century, circa 1940, the rug remains in perfect condition, as beautiful as in the day it was woven. The pattern features overlapping squares and rectangles, which create a grid design. The whole is skillfully framed by a silhouetted border. Shades of yellow, mustard and golden brown accompanying the design result in a warm, earthy palette, which seems to immediately warm up the room.

Size of this stunning vintage rug, 4’4″ × 6’8″ (132 × 203 cm), will make it a perfect addition to any type of interior, from a living room to an elegant bedroom.

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Item No.: BB4987 Circa: 1940 Size: 4'4" × 6'8" (132 × 203 cm)
Color: Style: Casual, Geometric, Scandinavian