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Vintage Swedish Rug

Vintage Swedish Rug BB4984

Price: $20,000

What makes vintage Swedish rugs so popular among both art collectors and interior designers? Their stunning patterns combined with superior quality are unrivaled, but real charm of Swedish rugs comes from the source of their inspiration – traditional crafts. Martha Gahn was one of Swedish weavers who were keenly aware of that. Her stunning works draw from classic Swedish patterns, yet she managed to rework them, creating something new, but strangely familiar. While some of her works are available for viewing in museums and art galleries, Doris Leslie Blau is presenting you with an unique opportunity to purchase one of vintage Swedish rugs woven by Martha Gahn herself.

This gorgeous Scandinavian rug was hand woven in the mid 20th century, circa 1950. The signature on the bottom left refers to the facility where the this vintage rug was woven, while on the bottom right we can see Gahn’s initials. The pattern of this carpet features a modern design of geometric and circular shapes, brought together in a fascinating composition. Accompanying color palette is kept in contemporary neutral hues such as grey and yellow. Tinge of beige and brown helps to balance out the pattern, resulting in a truly harmonious whole.

Everything about this vintage Scandinavian rug was designed with practicality in mind. Even its size, 5’0″ × 8’0″ (152 × 244 cm), was chosen specifically to make it suit every type of interior, from bedroom to kitchen. A perfect combination of beauty and utility, this carpet is a dream come true of any rug aficionado

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Item No.: BB4984 Circa: 1950 Size: 5'0" × 8'0" (152 × 243 cm)Categories: ,