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Vintage Swedish Rug

Vintage Swedish Rug BB4949

Price: $18,000

Although the designs of vintage Scandinavian carpets were originally inspired by imported textiles, they gradually developed their own characteristic style. Simple geometric patterns and vignettes from everyday life such as bouquets of flowers, a child’s sampler or a pet dog were incorporated into flat woven tapestries or Swedishvintage carpets, adding charm and intimacy to this folk art. A fresh and appealing aesthetic was sustained during the first half of the twentieth century by the weavings of the celebrated Swedish carpet designer Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom and her circle. The simplicity and purity of design in vintage Scandinavian rugs gives them an immediate relevance and contemporary desirability.

This stunning Swedish flat weave rug was hand woven by a NGS in the mid 20th century, circa 1940. Both beautiful and practical, the rug entices with its wonderful design, which looks surprisingly modern for its age.  Main field is filled with parallel stripes. The whole is framed by an alternating geometric shapes. Color palette of this piece features mostly warm shades of coal red and orange with a little bit of sandy beige. The size of this piece, 5’7″ × 7’10” (170 × 239 cm), makes it a great addition to any households, from modern abodes to traditional homes.

Here at Doris Leslie Blau we take a great pride in what we do and nothing makes us happier than the knowledge that our hard work is appreciated by both our clients and countless interior design magazines, such as Architectural Digest or Vogue. All of our rugs are 100% authentic, ensuring that your shopping experience with Doris Leslie Blau will be a safe one.

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Item No.: BB4949 Circa: 1940 Size: 5'7" × 7'10" (170 × 238 cm)Categories: ,