Vintage Swedish Flat Weave Carpet

Vintage Swedish Flat Weave Carpet BB5170

Price: $9,000

Scandinavian rugs and carpets, particularly Swedish rugs, are celebrated and revered for their daring color palette choices and bold design visuals. This antique rug has a strikingly colorful central medallion style motif of ten horizontal and vibrantly colored rows of irregularly shaped jigsaw style patterns. Each jigsaw form shape has a grey colored outline halo. The interiors within each grey halo jigsaw shape are colored green, orange, blue, golden yellow and tan.

Each abstract jigsaw form is linked by brown or black colored, ‘plus,’ signs. Each row of grey haloed, jigsaw shapes are alternated by rows of solid tan colored jigsaw forms. Each of the tan jigsaw shapes encase a green or orange square. The width length top and bottom borders of this vintage rug are adorned with sparsely distanced, bell top fabric fringes.

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Item No.: BB5170 Circa: 1940 Size: 5'6" × 8'0" (167 × 243 cm)