Vintage Samarkand (Khotan) Rug BB5241

Vintage Samarkand (Khotan) Rug Description:

This antique Samarkand (Khotan) rug features bold multicolor geometric displays containing, among them, the letter H, against a field of rust orange. The antique oriental rugs for sale from Kashgar, Yarkand and Khotan in the Chinese occupied Autonomous Region of Sikiang are collectively known as Samarkands - lands of arid steppes, deserts and mountain ranges traversed for thousands of years by caravans of merchants and traders from China to Western Europe along the Silk Route.

In this antique samarkand rug representative of the Samarkand and Khotan textile-making industries, modernity meets tradition for a startling over-all presentation. Rugs from this region are typically rendered in a glossy wool, occasionally embellished with richly brocaded silk and metal-thread. This Samarkand vintage carpet is a wise selection for any collector.

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