Vintage Samarkand (Khotan) Rug

Vintage Samarkand (Khotan) Rug Description:

This Samarkand rug showcase iconoclastic, individualistic and visually stunning color palette contrasts. It is visually inviting to the eye and dynamically colorful. This vintage oriental carpet is not lacking for creative design. The open field layout of the tapestry features a repeating trellis pattern format of golden colored interlocking box shapes. The lateral length of this golden trellis pattern almost resembles an exquisite looking fence grid. The open is colored a deep velvet black which fabulously contrasts with the golden trellis grid pattern design. The guard border features a slinking and snaking curvilinear line pattern which forms a rectangular shaped guard frame around the golden trellis design. The main border features a repeating, dynamic array of curvy black, brown and beige lines.
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