Antique Persian Tabriz Runner BB5423

Antique Persian Tabriz Runner Description:

Antique Tabriz Runner from Persia

Famed for its long and rich weaving heritage, Tabriz has issued some of the most mesmerizing and complex Persian rugs in the world. This enchanting antique Persian Tabriz runner is a paragon of the refined craftsmanship of the ancient city, incorporating both masterful execution and intricate design. Its soft, woolen pile was meticulously knotted by hand of the finest material by a skilled artisan according to old and refined techniques. Such deft making has ensured the antique rug durability and allowed it to survive until this day in excellent condition.

This antique Persian Tabriz runner, if properly maintained, will undoubtedly serve its owners for generations, pleasing their eyes, hands and feet with its appealing texture and gorgeous design. The center of the rug is adorned with a dense allover trellis-and-flower pattern, complemented with spandrels at the four corners of the main field. The captivating design is finished with a series of equally compelling borders bearing further botanical motifs and scrolling vinery.

The color palette bases on earthy hues, including warm shades of copper, dusty orange, beige and brown against a pronounced dark slate gray background. This antique Persian Tabriz rug runner, especially if located in a staircase, a corridor or an ample room, will bring timeless elegance and a distinct oriental vibe to a wide variety of contemporary interiors.

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