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Antique Persian Tabriz Rug

Antique Persian Tabriz Rug BB5213

Price: $50,000

The famous textile-manufacturing city of Tabriz, the Azerbaijani-populated province in the north west of Iran, boasts one of the antique rug weaving centers and produces a huge diversity of all types of carpets, characterized by having an especially fine knot density (indicative of high quality of hand-knotted carpets in NYC). An antique Tabriz Persian rug can be made of cotton or silk and woven as a pile carpet or flat-weave. A refined palette reliant on copper tones, terracotta and ivory, with shades of blue and subtle touches of gold, green and salmon are prevalent in these carpets. The Iranian region has been a large and world-famous carpet-making center, and historically has always played a significant role in developing the rich traditions of decorative and applied arts. Evidence of this can be seen in this particular antique Persian rug, with its elaborate floral designs against a brown field and main oatmeal-colored border containing repeated botanical patterns.

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