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Antique Persian Sarab Runner

Antique Persian Sarab Runner BB5401

Price: $20,000

This late 19th century antique Persian Sarab runner is a stunning presentation of classic Oriental motifs on a field of gold. Repeating lozenge medallions and ornate geometric abstractions lend this antique carpet an air of exoticism and tradition. Sarab (or Serab) carpet-weaving specializes in fine long Persian rugs or runners with a characteristic camel field and lozenge-shaped medallions.

Woven in the village of Sarab near Heriz (northwest Iran), the designation of these rugs is somewhat controversial as they are typically sold as “Heriz” antique oriental rugs in the United States. The camel fields of antique Sarab rugs are traditionally accented with Persian blue motifs and tricolor patterns that include sharp blues, warm terracottas and bright yellows. Color palettes used in antique Sarab rugs for sale tend to be subdued and somewhat oxidized, making them ideal for complementing traditional western decor.

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