Antique Persian Bidjar Rug

Antique Persian Bidjar Rug Description:

This turn of the century antique Persian Bidjar rug features an elaborate all-over design of floral abstractions and arabesques in shades of brown and blue against a field of gold. A thick main border with scrolling botanical imagery on a background of dark brown completes the look of the antique carpet. Located in Northwest Persia, Bidjar was a Kurdish town that is primarily known for its production of rugs with symmetric knots woven in a wide variety of patterns. Late nineteenth century Garus design rugs with their fine arabesques came from Bidjar. Antique Bidjar rugs woven circa-1900 or before are works of refined art, yet they possess tribal elements in their design and coloration which are not found in any other city rugs. They are highly respected by collectors and rug enthusiasts for their uniqueness, strength of construction and great decorative impact.
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