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Vintage Moroccan Rug

Vintage Moroccan Rug BB5146


Hand knotted rug oriental rugs and carpets can be contemporary and very style relatable. This Moroccan style rug is artistically defiant in its resistance to comply with formal precious tapestry style arrangements. There is no formal medallion motif or design. No guard border, corner bracket quadrants or main border can be found here. This Moroccan rug is comprised of eight rows of abstractly designed and irregularly shaped block forms. Each block form is radiantly and starkly colored. Each block form is also creatively woven into a block within a block design formation. The block forms are colored red, brown, yellow, teal, grey and blue. A red block form encases a yellow block. A tan block encases a lavender and so on. The bottom border of this vintage rug is sparsely decorated with sparsely spaced, red fabric fringes.

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Item No.: BB5146 Circa: 1940 Size: 4'3" × 7'3" (129 × 220 cm)Categories: , ,