Vintage Moroccan Rug

Vintage Moroccan Rug Description:

This Moroccan rug has an abstract and archaically dynamic display of directional, tribal designs. It features an open field color scale of light camel. There are no guard borders or corner brackets. The central medallion design motif is an abstract, ascending root tendril. The central root tendril, which asymmetrically bisects the piece, is very thin and alternately colored blue, red and brown. Bookending the root tendril medallion pattern are two vibrantly colored columns of abstract, diamond shaped totem symbols. The main borders runs length-wise, topside and are colored a deep brown hue. The top border is dotted with small, red and yellow, irregular diamond shapes. The length-wise brown borders of this oriental carpet features red and blue snaking lines. The light camel color of the open field bleeds out into the bottom portion of the tapestry.

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